How To Get A Bigger Settlement While Borrowing Against Your Settlement

You want money quick for your case.  However, the insurance companies want to stall the settlement because you are likely to take a smaller settlement because you need the money.

Things you can do to work with your lawyer to get a bigger settlement.

1. Get all the documentation and proof to back up your insurance claim.

2. Try to ask for 25% to 100% more than what you hope to get. Expect to get low-balled by the insurance companies.

3. Do not jump at the first offer.

4. Utilize Pre-Settlement Funding or Borrow some of your settlement to hold you over on funds until you get your settlement.

5.  Give us a call. We can get you some money right away while you are waiting for your case to settle.


About Empire Settlement Funding

Empire Settlement Funding’s mission is to help those with immediate financial needs. Empire is a company comprised of highly skilled professionals dedicated to its clients and industry and offers individual plaintiffs the opportunity to receive immediate cash in exchange for an interest in their pending personal injury claims.
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