How Do I get A Loan Against My Lawsuit

You may be asking yourself “How Do I get A Loan Against My Lawsuit?” especially if you are injured and need money while waiting on a case to settle. Yes there is an easy way to get a loan against your lawsuit, injury case, or other type of injury settlement.


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It’s called pre-settlement funding. Pre-Settlement funding has been helping people for years that have been waiting so long to get their cash settlement checks. Waiting for the award from a lawsuit or injury case can take a long time. But you can get a loan while you are waiting.

  • No Credit Checks
  • No Risk – If you don’t get your settlement or win your case you don’t pay us back.
  • Extremely competitive rates – We will match or have a lower rate than the big settlement funding companies.
  • Personalized service – At Empire Settlement Funding, we treat you like family. We are available to take your questions and you will talk to a person who has been in the business for years.
  • Quick turnaround – You can usually get your application approved in 48 hours.

It’s like giving away free money with no risk to you.


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About Empire Settlement Funding

Empire Settlement Funding’s mission is to help those with immediate financial needs. Empire is a company comprised of highly skilled professionals dedicated to its clients and industry and offers individual plaintiffs the opportunity to receive immediate cash in exchange for an interest in their pending personal injury claims.
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My husband and I have 2 lawsuits filed against our landlord. Our attorneys will not use cash lenders. We both had to go to the hospital and mine had a 3 day hospital stay. Our daughter had to go to the hospital and get checked out also. We ended up homeless from this and we just moved into home and need help as my husband is seeking employment. Can you help?