How To Get My Settlement Money Now

We hear people ask this all the time. So how do you get your settlement money or lawsuit money fast?

The answer is pre settlement funding. Pre settlement funding is like getting an advance on

your case. While you are waiting for money, Empire Settlement Funding can help.

Call us now!! Or fill out the form. We can get you some of your settlement money right now. We do all the paperwork, we call your attorney, we give you cash. It’s like getting free money.

If you don’t win your case, or you don’t get any money, you don’t owe us anything.

We understand that insurance companies, and the justice system is a slow process. Especially when you are waiting on money you need to pay the bills while you have been injured or out of work.

Call Empire Settlement Funding now. No more waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting and more waiting!!! GET INJURY CASH NOW!!!!!


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About Empire Settlement Funding

Empire Settlement Funding’s mission is to help those with immediate financial needs. Empire is a company comprised of highly skilled professionals dedicated to its clients and industry and offers individual plaintiffs the opportunity to receive immediate cash in exchange for an interest in their pending personal injury claims.
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